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Smidge comes in a practical, robust and lightweight 75ml Aluminum pump spray. Thanks to its novel, water and sweat resisting formula it provides powerful, immediate protection for up to 8 hours without re-application.



A Smidge is all you need

  • Powerful, reliable protection for up to 8 hours
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Repels midges, mosquitoes, horse flies, sand flies, fleas and ticks
  • Safe for use on adults, children over 30 months and pregnant women
  • Safe alternative to DEET
  • Won’t melt your plastic kit
  • Human-friendly fragrance
  • Recommended by the World Health Organization
  • Scientifically proven here in Scotland

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ROCCO award
Biggart Baillie Innovation Award   Biggart Baillie Innovation Award
Finalist John Logie Baird   Finalist John Logie Baird

Winner of the ROCCO award for
Innovation in Technology 2008

Winner of the
Biggart Baillie Innovation Award in Scotland 2006

Finalist John Logie Baird
Award 2008