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The Predator Dynamic

The Predator

Our Price £649.00 inc VAT including delivery to mainland UK

You can buy directly from us by calling the following number: 01505 704686

~ Accessories ~

Octenol Bait: £11.99 each
Sticky Paper (pack of 3: £39.99



Please note that the predator machine is currently out of stock due to issues with importing this product into the UK. It is unlikely that we will be selling this machine in the future. We hope to be able to announce a new range of products ready for early 2021. Please contact us for any other questions you may have.

The Predator Midge Machine
has been developed using the latest research and technology in Midge traps.  The Predator is equipped with a unique targeting system that enables you to control and optimize your midge and mosquito trapping in even the most midge infested area in Scotland. You can easily adjust the height of the machine, which will enable you to accurately set your machine to reduce the population of midges radically in your garden, patio or beer garden. The Predator Midge Machine is powered by LPG and an octenol lure which will attract and catch midges before they lay eggs and multiply.

www.midgesnomore.com can supply you with all the accessories you need including the Rapid Action octenol bait, and the Rapid Action sticky paper, to ensure that The Predator Midge Trap is optimized for best catching results

At www.midgesnomore.com we don’t just sell products, we want to provide you with a solution for your midge infestation problem, a solution which suits your needs and expectectations. Call us on 0141 887 6699 to discuss your problems and we will use our years of experience in midge infestation to guide you on your way.


ROCCO award
Biggart Baillie Innovation Award   Biggart Baillie Innovation Award
Finalist John Logie Baird   Finalist John Logie Baird

Winner of the ROCCO award for
Innovation in Technology 2008

Winner of the
Biggart Baillie Innovation Award in Scotland 2006

Finalist John Logie Baird
Award 2008