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Barrfly™ Midge And Mosquito Barrier



The Barrfly™ midge and mosquito barrier uses air curtain technology to provide a method of keeping midges and mosquitoes from tracking the CO2 plumes given off by humans and so keeping them out of areas you want to protect and keep midge or mosquito free.

At Midges No More, we assess the areas you want to protect – like a garden patio, beer garden, hotel terrace, marquee or outdoor event – and provide you with a free survey and no obligation proposal to address your midge or mosquito infestation problem. We will assess how best to approach the problem and may suggest a combination of our range of projects to give you the best possible solution to give you the best results.

Barrfly™ can be adapted to suit most applications, and can be installed using textile ducting to provide a lightweight and portable solution which allows it to be incorporated into tent, marquee and gazebo structures, ideal for outdoor events and individual marquee based events. We can provide a vast range of colours and also screen print advertising and logos to suit your event or location.

Have a look at our News pages to view some of the types of locations we have installed our system in.

For more information on how Barrfly™ can turn your patio into a midge free area, call us on 0141 887 6699 or email at info@midgesnomore.com

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ROCCO award
Biggart Baillie Innovation Award   Biggart Baillie Innovation Award
Finalist John Logie Baird   Finalist John Logie Baird

Winner of the ROCCO award for
Innovation in Technology 2008

Winner of the
Biggart Baillie Innovation Award in Scotland 2006

Finalist John Logie Baird
Award 2008